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    GRC Mitochondria in Health and Disease

    Somewhere in Italy

    Who would have thought that there could be snow in Italy in February? Simone and I went on a roadtrip to the GRC Mitochondria Health and Disease together with our colleagues from the Misgeld lab, as sharing a car was cheaper than four flights to Pisa and a rental car from there. But on our way back we took the “scenic route” and our trusty car had to go up many serpentine roads through enchanted snowy forests and tiny villages. Kudos to Thomas for driving!

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    Our first preprint is out!

    Very proud to share the first preprint coming from my lab! What started as a simple question about the regulation of mitochondria RNA hitch-hiking, lead us to discover a mechanism that connects insulin signaling with neuronal mitophagy, which may fail in Alzheimer.