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    Summer Party

    Organizing a party is a lot of effort…and we gave it all for our institute summer party. it was the turn for us research groups to pull this together and in a great collaborative effort made it possible, including meatless BBQ, a plan(c)k challenge, games and a bouncy castle! I could not have done this without the great support of my group – you are heroes!

    The bouncy castle needed to be tested…so glad I found volunteers!
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    Summer time fun

    As the weather is nice and there are festivals in town, we decided to swap the lab for the summer Tollwood festival at the Olympiapark in Munich. Beach feeling, cocktails and nice company, what is there to enjoy more!

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    Our lab is growing

    Thanks to the amazing support by third party funding (DFG, ERC), the lab welcomes three new members! Marlena, originally from northern Germany, stayed on as a PhD student after her master thesis with us (January 2023), Ben joined us as our second PostDoc from China (may 2023), and Luciano came all the way from Chile to start his PhD with us (July 2023). Welcome you all!