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    Autophagic punctum

    So nice to be asked to retell our story in an “Autophagic Punctum” by the Journal Autophagy (see here) and provide a model for how we envision that PINK1 translation is needed to target the Pink1 mRNA to neuronal mitochondria. I made a more elaborate version which I am posting here.

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    It’s been a long time…

    but it is finally here! My Postdoctoral work has been published in Neuron. You can find the article here at Neuron or read the beautiful entry on our institutes web site here. This truly is a labor of love done now on two continents with help from so many talented people. I could not be happier!

    This is the Pink1 mRNA, leisurely floating down the axonal rivers, but read to strike into action and eliminate the very mitochondrion it rode on should it get damaged. Lovely artwork by Julia Kuhl.
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    Lab Bowling

    Thanks for Hari for organizing a splendid lab outing to the bowling alley. We had a lot of fun and excellent food afterwards (thanks to Jana for the suggestion of the restaurant “Die Küche im Kraftwerk“)

    Very interesting that Hari is winning by a large margin…he is a secret pro!
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    Hiking day 2021

    We had a marvelous time at the beautiful Partnachklamm. This is my all-time favorite hike, and I hope my lab now agrees with me!

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    FORSCHA 2021

    I was happy to represent our Excellence Cluster SyNergy at the Munich Science Fair (FORSCHA) at the beautiful Traffic museum Munich. I gave a talk to a more general audience on how important mitochondria for our cells and how damage to them can give rise to disease. I guess I sounded like my mom, telling people to eat healthy, stop smoking and get enough sleep :-). If you want you can rewatch the entire thing on youtube (in German).

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    Welcome and good bye

    We say good bye to our first Master student, Ezgi Senoglu, and at the same time welcome a new team member! Welcome Alina!

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    Pink gloves for a PINK lab

    What joy we had when we found out that the new delivery of gloves was not a boring blue or yellow, but hot pink! Especially fitting for a lab studying the Parkinson-related protein PTEN-induced kinase, short PINK. 🙂

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    Welcome, Inma!

    We are happy to welcome our first PostDoc, Inmaculada Segura, this week! Great to have your expertise on RNA transport and local translation on board!

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    Website goes live!

    After promising my lab members to get this done for over a year, it finally is time. We have a website! It is still a little rough, but I love it anyways.

    Thank you for all the nice logo suggestions. This here is my favorite.